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3/14/22: Monday Open Hot Stove Thread

The sale is on fire.

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Monday morning saw some heat tossed onto the stove, following a surprising semi-blockbuster Sunday evening from the Yankees and Twins. Last night’s trade headlined by baseball’s Kraken was an appetizer to a larger course this morning, as the Atlanta Braves and Oakland Athletics made a stunner of a swap.

Oakland sending Matt Olson off is no surprise, but that Atlanta was eager to take on a different star 1B than the one who led them to their World Series title this past year is a genuine surprise. Some of the sense can be tracked to Olson being born and raised in and near Atlanta, GA itself, but in large part it seems a financial move. For the A’s, it’s a solid, if divisive haul of Top-150 or so prospects, as well as a higher floor arm in Estes. Cristian Pache was not too long ago one of the top prospects in the sport, but his significant struggles offensively, albeit at quite a young age, have caused his star to wane.

For ease of recollection, I’ve included Connor’s

As Connor said in previous Stove threads, should any Seattle Mariners moves break, we will have a blurb up as soon as possible, but until then this space is dedicated to such discussions at your leisure.