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Emergency Podcast: Baseball Is Back

Associated Press

Hello Seattle Mariners Fans!

After 99 long days locked out of the sport we all love, the chains have come off the doors and it is time to come home to baseball. Yes indeed, the players union has reached an agreement with Major League Baseball that was confirmed earlier this afternoon (Thursday, March 10th 2022), an as of 3PM PST free agency is back open for business. Kate is here to bring us into the big news with myself (Evan James) and prospect expert Joe Doyle to break into the juicy details behind the new agreement. This includes things like the Universal DH appearing for the first time in 2022, a major pay increase for young players, and a new competitive balance system aimed at penalizing teams for repeating losing seasons. We talk about some of the major changes in the new CBA, and how some of the tendrils could affect the Mariners operations moving forward, especially as it relates to highly regarded prospects. We dig into a wealth of twitter questions about potential trades or free agent signings by the team, but ultimately hit the pause button on that speculation while the hot stove heats back up over the next 24 hours. Be on your toes fam, we will be back with another impromptu emergency pod when the Mariners inevitably sign Kris Bryant.