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is this,,, is this real life?

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

After a grueling winter of radio silence, frenzied negotiations, and wildly flucuating states of optimism, the stove has once again been turned on.

But while the stove has been flipped on, it won’t be hot for just a little longer. As they say, though, the anticipation of the thing can be more thrilling than the thing itself.

For particulars about the new CBA, check out John’s comprehensive blurb, but this space is for all things free agency and trades. The staff will have our eyes glued to Twitter just as much as anyone, and we’ll have any blurbs up in a timely manner. For now, though, go nuts! Treat this space as you would any old game thread or off-topic post - feel free to talk about beer, video games, or other media in between frantic rumors about Trevor Story or Sonny Gray. Welcome back, baseball!