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LockedOut Landing Podcast 180: We’ve Come To Bargain


Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Last night John Trupin, Kate Preusser and myself (Evan James), stayed up late hoping to catch the wave of breaking news that a new agreement had been reached between the players union and the league. Needless to say, that glorious moment did not occur, but we did witness a flurry of activity up to and including an extension of the deadline to cancel games, with both sides hurdling towards a deal in the 11th hour. We dig into the rumored changes to the agreement that have floated around online, specifically the Passan and Nightengale tweets. We talk about the expanded playoffs, and how it might affect the competitive landscape both in MLB at large, and hopefully for the Mariners. This is a somewhat abbreviated podcast, as we decide to wrap early (11PM), and call it a night, so we can get back to the grind, hopefully for an emergency podcast when a deal is ultimately agreed to on March 1st.

Edit: the file had to be re-uploaded. If it sounds super flat try refreshing the link.