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They Might Be Mariners Episode 33: The Perfect Time For Minor League Baseball

George Kirby
Kevin Clark / The Herald

Hello Seattle Mariners fans! While Major League Baseball continues to be locked out with little genuine hope on the immediate horizon, minor league baseball is the flavor of the season. Who might be Mariners? The prospects! The prospects might be Mariners. John, Kate and prospect whisperer Joe Doyle break down why now is the best time there has ever been to get into following minor league ball, especially for Mariners fans who want a peek at the #1 FARM SYSTEM IN BASEBALL. The crew breaks down the Mariners more recent international spending and picks, reading in between the lines about how the Mariners scouting strategy has evolved in recent seasons. Joe talks about the Mariners scouting hierarchy and details some of the changes to personnel that could be significant in influencing some of those directional shifts within the organization. After that, they break into the prospects:

- International Amateur Scouting Director Frankie Thon Jr.

- Felnin Celesten

- Lázaro Montes

- Are the Mariners a hot destination for Latin prospects?

- The Challenges of International Scouting

- Martín González

- Who is the Mariners best defensive shortstop prospect?

- Maicol Arroyo

- Milkar Perez

- The ethics of Anglicizing player names

- Do the Mariners regret not taking any specific players over Hancock?

- What’s up with Emerson Hancock and the prospect shade?

- Minor League Spring Training

- COVID Testing for minor leaguers and potential logistical complications

- Ranking the top 3 prospects in baseball:

o Adley Rutschman

o Bobby Whitt Jr.


- Prospect ranking consistency, and how to gauge prospect reviews

- Which of the Mariners pitching prospects is the best hitter?

- Sam Carlson: Tik Tok Star?

- The Return of Isaiah Campbell

There is a small edit about 60 minutes in where Craig cuts out and I had to stitch a section together somewhat bluntly, but it was nice to stop in and say hi!