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Sorcerer Supreme In Seattle: Lookout Landing Podcast 211

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Trader Jerry strikes again! After adding Teoscar Hernandez several weeks ago, the Mariners have continued to forge the 2023 roster by acquiring long-rumored Mariner and much needed second baseman Kolten Wong in exchange for struggling prospect Abraham Toro and Jesse “change of scenery” Winker. The crew Kate Preusser and John Trupin are here (Evan is out sick) to fit all the pieces together and see how the Mariners currently stack against their primary competition: The Houston Astros (who just signed Jose Abreu) and the Texas Rangers (who just signed Jacob deGrom). While this trade seemingly closes the door on signing one of the big ticket free agent infielders, it also closes a big hole in the Mariners infield and opens up the possibility to use prospects and free agent dollars to add at other positions. With some interesting options available on the trade market, do you think this was the right strategy for the team? Who would you like to see the team acquire (Brian Reynolds) or sign (Mitch “for Mayor” Haniger) in the wake of this trade? Do you think Aaron Judge gets a full 10 year deal? Crank up the heat and let the hot stove cook!