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Mariners announce $10 ticket specials for all home games in 2023

Single-game tickets go on sale November 22

Wild Card Series - Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Two
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Perhaps anticipating the post-World Series dearth of Mariners-related baseball news, the team made an expertly timed announcement Monday morning highlighting some new ticketing options for the 2023 season.

Here’s the most eye-catching bit:

The Seattle Mariners today announced that beginning next season, fans will have the opportunity to purchase $10 Centerfield Bleacher seats for every regular season home game. This new announcement doubles down on the club’s commitment to make Mariners baseball more accessible.

As someone who has long held the belief that the CF bleacher seats should literally never cost more than $10 a game (preferably even less because of fees!) during the regular season, I really love to see this. This is a big win for accessibility and getting more fans into the park and helping grow the game and fanbase. The CF bleachers are objectively the worst seats in the house, furthest from home plate, and it’s impossible to see the giant video screen in most of the section. So, yes, it should always be cheap as heck to sit there.

Obviously, going to a game with a family of 4 or more will still be an expensive outing due to the cost of everything else at the park, but maybe $10 seats means a family will be able to go to a couple games a season instead of just one or none at all. A win is a win. Good job, Mariners.

Here’s Shannon Drayer with a couple more bits of insight to, ahem, help guide your choices:

Seeing as Toronto fans will view forever view the 2022 Wild Card series as the “War of Southern Aggression” and will surely be EXTRA spicy toward the Mariners in 2023, it feels very timely that the Mariners are giving their fans a chance to make the annual Northern Invasion series feel a bit more balanced. I applaud this smart and savvy move by the Mariners. Make sure you sign up for the presale if you’re not already on that list. Also, $20 main level seats is a great deal.

Another cool thing is that the J-Rod’s Squad section is now PERMANENT and general admission, too!

In celebration of Julio Rodríguez’s breakout rookie season, the Mariners are putting a new twist on the popular J-ROD Squad seating section which was introduced last year. The $25 special will include a limited-edition J-ROD’s Squad t-shirt and general admission ticket for any seat in sections 102–104. This general admission section, located directly behind where the AL Rookie of the Year frontrunner plays defense in centerfield, was created to make socializing easier while creating a unique fan experience. Mariners fans can now meet friends and family at the ballpark and still find seats next to each other without having to purchase tickets together. For more information, visit

Love the general admission aspect, as now coordinating an outing with 10 of your most disorganized friends just became a lot easier! A simple yet brilliant move. Now bring back the Ballpark Pass next.

That’s all for now, let us know in the comments if you are now planning to buy tickets for the Toronto series in July.