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The 2022 Lookout Landing Awards Show

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Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

The crew Kate Preusser and John Trupin are joined by staff writer Zach Mason to uncover the secrets of the Lookout Landing Awards. But first up, the crew analyzes the Kyle Lewis for Cooper Hummel trade, noting how hard the road in Seattle has been for Kyle. Zach espouses a deeply dangerous opinion on Taylor Swift. Do you think Taylor Swift live lives up to the hype? Are you rooting for Kyle Lewis: Arizona Diamondbacks DH? Tell us your favorite memory of the 2019 rookie of the year in the comments below. Zach smoothly segues into the 2022 Lookout Landing Awards, aka “The Lookies”, formerly “The Landies”. Prospect of the Year, goes to a rising pitcher star, but Kate reminds all that Harry Ford had a star making season in his own right. Everyone collectively glows over man and the vibe that is Eugenio Suarez, Mariners legend. Macklemore catches a little shade but Luis Castillo gets his flowers for a sterling introductory season in Seattle. Cal Raleigh rightfully takes the Hit of the Year award and honestly, we’re it up to me, I’d have broken ground on the statue already. Where does Cal’s broken hand, curse shattering, walk off home run rank for you in all of Mariner lore? Julio wins most of the rest of the awards because, well…you know. John remarks that Julio is rated for the 3rd highest WAR in baseball for 2023, his age 22 season. From making the team out of spring training to the home run derby all the way into fabled, October baseball in Seattle, 2022 was The Season of Julio. Obviously it’s tough to distill so much greatness down to a single moment, but tell us what was your favorite Julio play from this past season? Who would you have voted for in any of these categories? Tell us in the comments below. Lastly the crew offer their favorite Thanksgiving dishes and a Mariners player who embodies the qualities of said meal. Do you have a Mariner you associate with a specific food?

Note: John’s audio desyncs a little bit in the first half, so there’s a bit of cross talk, but it’s mostly just lolzing.