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Scott Was Robbed: Lookout Landing Podcast 210


Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

The crew Kate Preusser, Evan James and John Trupin are back to feast on mid-November hot stove cooking. Scott was shafted in the Manager of the Year voting in favor of Terry Francona, Julio Rodriguez was rightfully crowned Rookie of the Year and the Mariners have traded Erik Swanson and Adam Macko for Teoscar Hernández. It’s a whirlwind start to the stove season and I would ask you faithful listeners, how would you rate these moves? Teoscar adds a real bat in an otherwise sparse outfield group, even if the defense is somewhat suspect. New bullpen arms Luke Weaver, Gabe Speier and Easton McGee start filling out “the pile”, but let us know if you have a dark horse in that group. Are you excited to see Isaiah Campbell attempt to wrestle away the title of “best stache in the northwest” from Gardner Minshew? How do you see his infusion of dad energy meshing with the team’s existing vibe? Are you sad about Casey Sadler? Let us know in the comments. Lastly we look forward into the hot stove future and pick out some dates to mark on your calendars. The team has added a big piece, but the question of just how much better the squad is after the trade is an important one. How many wins would you say Teoscar adds? Was this the right move for this team to make instead of a free agent add? And do you think they have the resources to pull off another meaningful trade? Let the hot stove cook.