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Division series schedule set through Thursday, Mariners playoff games dates and times

Northwest-area peeps, prepare to get a 24-hour flu that strikes on Tuesday around lunchtime, then goes away, then recurs at the same time on Thursday

Wild Card Series - Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Two
Julio pointing the way to the ALDS
Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Today MLB announced the divisional series matchups dates and times for the first two games of every series. All Divisional Series games will open on Tuesday, October 11.

The Mariners-Astros series has once again drawn the early time slot for the AL, with Cleveland and New York being granted prime time. Because fairness.


Game 1: Tuesday, October 11, 12:05 PT, TBS
(if the Padres win over the Mets tonight, that time flexes to 12:37 PM)

Game 2: Thursday, October 13, 12:37 PT, TBS
(this remains the same no matter which team wins between the Mets-Padres)


Game 3: Saturday, October 15, time TBA, TBS

(If necessary) Game 4: Sunday, October 16, time TBA, TBS

If there is a Game 5, it will return to Houston, with no off-day, on Monday the 17th (also broadcast on TBS, time TBA).

These times are obviously laughably inconvenient for any person who attends school or works a traditional 9-5, as MLB continues to practice the Highlander Principle of broadcasting playoff games. Just put them at the regular times, Rob, people will still watch. If a little thing like “daily life” is getting in your way of watching these games, fret not; your pals at Lookout Landing will have recaps of all the games and as much info as we can cram into these electronic pages. We recognize this is a poor substitute for actually getting to watch the game in real time, but all the more reason to rally en masse down at T-Mobile Park on Saturday (hey, maybe they could open up Lumen Field for an overflow watch party—bet if everyone yelled loudly enough, they could hear it next door at T-Mobile).

We’ll update this article as the times for everything get clarified.