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Lookout Landing Podcast 204: Legends of the Fall

Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press via AP

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

The crew Kate Preusser Evan James and Shay Weintraub are here to celebrate the Mariners historic playoff comeback against the Toronto Blue Jays. Shay talks about meeting new people at a watch party in Rhode Island and the general experience of making the Mariners a social event. She then takes us through the game step by step, riding the emotional roller coaster from the lows down 8-1 to the highs of the eventual 10-9 victory. Kate looks at the moment where it all turned for the Mariners and assesses the pitch perfect team chemistry that created this moment. Lastly everyone gives out a series MVP award with a surprise dark horse pick from Shay. We will answer all The Houston Astros and American League Division Series questions on the next pod!


This week’s recommended listening is an original because I be feelin’ myself: