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Adam Frazier won this game twice (overflow victory thread)

Thank you, Seattle, goodnight!

American League Wild Card Series: Seattle Mariners v. Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Thomas Skrlj/MLB Photos via Getty Images

This post is mostly just another open thread because you all cannot be contained in the chart. But in setting it up, I want to highlight Adam Frazier’s diving stop to corral Cal Raleigh’s errant throw in the bottom of the eighth inning as Bo Bichette stole second base. Bichette was safe at second, but if Frazier doesn’t get to that ball, Bichette gets to third base. After that, who knows. Chaos is a fickle master. The leverage couldn’t have been higher with the score tied.

The Mariners never said die. These Mariners don’t. Laying it all out when the game is on the line is what that means. There’s a lesson here for all of us.