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Mariners Moose Tracks 10/7/22: Cade Marlowe, Tyler O’Neill, and Perry Minasian

Frank Franklin II/ AP Photo

Today is the day! I got the prep done for the beer cheese dip I’m making to enjoy with the game. Only made it once before and it was delicious and I’m looking to replicate that success today, much like the Mariners will be looking to do against the Blue Jays when they swept them in 4 games during the 14-game winning streak.

This is an amazing day for all of us, and there have been numerous occasions where I have wondered if this day would ever come. Like when you’re sick and you think about all the times you took being healthy for granted and can’t remember what regular breathing feels like. Though I expect to be incredibly nervous during the entirety of tomorrow’s game, it’s important that we all remember what we’ve been through to get to this point, and we deserve to be here, now, together.

In Mariners News

  • Hannah Keyser at Yahoo Sports wrote a great article about the inception of the “step back” and how it led to the team we have now.
  • Keep an eye out for the playoff roster, it might have a new name on it.
  • It seems the Blue Jays are still a little bitter about the 4-game sweep they suffered in Seattle back in July. Weird for Anthony Bass to be the mouthpiece for it, but alas.

Around the League

  • Check out the Fangraphs World Series odds before the start of the Wild Card Round.
  • Cardinals OF Tyler O’Neill will not be available for the Wild Card round of the playoffs.
  • Angels GM Perry Minasian looks to do his job this offseason. We here at Lookout Landing think this an important part of the job-doing process and wish him well in his endeavors.

Nick’s Pick

Anybody else watch that dumpster fire last night? Anybody else have Russell Wilson starting at quarterback for their fantasy team? Anybody want to talk about it? Me neither.