Playoff Teams Head to Head

Good evening. I was 10 years old when I witnessed the double. I stayed up every evening after homework at 16 thinking we would see an inevitable World Series only to be disappointed by Matt Hasselbecks’ inspiration for his infamous call against GB. If you don’t remember, Lou famously said after the game 4 loss in NY that there WOULD be a game 6 in Seattle. They lost the ALDS in 5.

I’m not a writer, just a fan. And I compiled some fallible stats. I may have not been precise.

Of the 12 playoff teams, 6 teams have a winning record against the other 11. Wow! Math!

Houston has a winning percentage against playoff teams of .618.

The Dodgers sit at .604.

Next best? The Seattle Mariners. .542; ahead of the Mets, .536 and NYY and Atlanta at .516.