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Looking for a Watch Party for the PostSEAson? We’ve Got You Covered.

Find your group here!


As many Mariners fans are experiencing what it’s like to make the playoffs for the first time, nearly every Mariners fan is experiencing what it’s like to get to attend a banger of a PostSEAson Watch Party. Not that we didn’t have the technology in 2001 to host parties while we watch our team, we did, and bars still existed. But we didn’t have those Ultra HD 5,000K curved lactose-free low-sodium organic free-range screens. Nor did we have Twitter which is in and of itself its own Watch Party. A wild, wild west that Twitter is.

Below are some ways to find hotties/Mariners friends in your area to watch our team this PostSEAson:

If you’re in the Seattle area

The Seattle Mariners are opening up the main level as General Admission to fans who’d like to watch the game from the ballpark. Portions of the proceeds will go to Mariners Care, so that’s neat. Information can be found through this tweet below:

We’ll also be reprising our Growler Guys watch party for Saturday’s game! Come on out and watch with us. Here’s the relevant info if you haven’t been to one before.

If you’re not in the Seattle area

Yesterday I opened up a sign up sheet for fans outside of the Seattle area looking for others to watch the game with. Deadline to sign up is tonight at midnight (PT). Don’t miss out on your chance to cheer on the M’s from a rowdy bar, brewery, or home! We’re currently sitting at 175 submissions, help us get more!

If you’re in the Seattle area but not going to the ballpark

Your best bet to find a Watch Party is commenting in the comment thread below. Our suggestion is to submit something that sounds along the lines of:

Hello! I’m wanting to get some folks together at Silver City Brewery in Silverdale. Would anyone like to join?

That way if someone is looking for a Watch Party in their area (in this example Silverdale) they can find it through the control+find function pretty easily.