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Lookout Landing Podcast 209: The Cold Before The Hot Stove

Seattle Times

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

The crew Kate Preusser Evan James and John Trupin are back to looking forward, with the 2022 season firmly in the rear view mirror. John kicks off the chat with a deep dive on the Houston Astros roster and how they might be looking to patch a few leaky spots this offseason. Next Kate looks at Mitch Haniger and his continuing fit in Seattle versus what he might get on the free agent market. Next John looks at the newest Mariner, Luke Weaver, who just arrived from Kansas City and may have a future role in the Seattle bullpen. We collectively marvel at how healthy the Mariners have been while acknowledging a need to plan for worse faring in the future. Lastly the whole crew takes a wider glance at the 40 man roster and where some squeeze might come for the current players.


Audio Note: I (Evan) had mic failure and had to use the wireless backup, but I should be back to normal quality next episode.