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Mariners Moose Tracks, 10/23/22: Dave Sims, Kyle Schwarber, and Adrián Sanchez

A light tasting of links for your Sunday. I’m gonna go get a sandwich

MLB: San Diego Padres at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

In Mariners News

  • Clinton Yates at Andscape published a wonderful write-up from a sit-down he had with Dave Sims about his career, and the importance of being a prominent black voice in a predominantly white sport.

Around the League

  • As much as I wish this NLCS was a best of infinity, I think my soul needs the Phillies to clinch at home, for the sake of the content.
  • It might not be the worst idea for the Padres to politely ask Kyle Schwarber to chill out.

Nick’s Pick

I’m a pretty big man, clocking in at 6’3” 240 lbs, and without adequate adult supervision I will display my ability to make an alarming amount of food disappear at a “distrubing” rate. However, even at my hungriest, I’m pretty sure the most cheesesteaks I’m getting down in a three day period is maybe, MAYBE, ten, which come to think of it sounds like a fantastic way to spend a weekend trip to Philadelphia. Suffice to say I had a number of questions when I was presented with this absolute gem of a graphic during last night’s Padres-Phillies game. Question number 1, which Mets team ate 103 cheesesteaks? Did Daniel Vogelbach take the ‘22 Mets on a gastronomic adventure, or was another, hungrier soul of days gone responsible for that insane one-day team mark? Question 2, did Adrián Sanchez play that day? Because, I ate one (1) Subway sandwich before a game in my senior year of high school and accidentally delayed the entire game for five minutes while finishing up a trip to the bathroom. I’m willing to acknowledge that maybe he ate them after the game, but that to me suggests he ate ten and a half cheesesteaks in one sitting, which is just bananas. Question 3, is this leaderboard something that visiting teams are made aware of when visiting Philly? Question 4, who is tracking this? Is it just an honor system? Does the person who takes out the trash in the opposing clubhouse check the trash cans for cheesesteak wrappers like “interesting, looks like Mr. Latos was exceptionally hungry today, I shall alert the media.” Needless to say, I’ve spent entirely to much time thinking about cheesesteaks today, and I should probably go to sleep before I go make a midnight sandwich and completely ruin my night sleep.