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Lookout Landing Podcast 208: The 2022 Season Autopsy Edition

AP Photo/Stephen Brashear

Hello Seattle Mariners fans.

The crew Kate Preusser Evan James and John Trupin come together in the aftermath of a brilliant season to dig deep and provide the dissection it deserves. First and foremost, a reminder to check out Kate’s interview with C Trent Rosecrans from last week, which gives some wider context and detail to the Jesse Winker story and his current relationship with the Seattle Mariners. We dig a little deeper and reflect on that conversation in light of some of the new reporting from Divish and general twitter scuttlebutt. Next up Kate recounts her first-hand experience at the stadium during the playoffs and the roller coaster ride of accompanying emotions. John and Evan look at some of the holes on the roster and how those spots could be filled with external talent to build on the prospect foundation. In closing everyone steps back to appreciate just how special the season has been and how grateful we are as a site to have been a part of it.