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Lookout Landing Podcast 206: American League Division Series Preview

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

On this episode Kate Preusser, Zach Gottschalk and Jacob Parr are here to look forward to the American League Division Series against (who else but) the Mariners most hated and dangerous rival, The Houston Astros. Yes indeed, if the Mariners intend to reach the mountain top they first have a dragon to slay. From a narrative perspective this feels like it was inevitable; You can’t be the best if you can’t beat the best and make no mistake, the Astros have (despite the cheating) been the best. Kate brings up a great point, that after the sour post season exit last season, it feels like the Astros are fighting for how legitimately their legacy will be remembered. The Mariners on the other hand find themselves in the comfortable role of underdog ready to take on the world. The crew breaks down the Houston lineup and rotation the Mariners are set to face and assesses our chances and advantages at each position. Lastly everyone picks series awards for the victorious Mariners, and predicts the series outcome.