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Lookout Landing Podcast 205: An Infusion of Brotherhood with The Athletic’s C. Trent Rosecrans

Cincinnati baseball expert, C. Trent Rosecrans, joins Kate to talk about the Seattle Redlegs

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Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

This episode Lookout Landing captain Kate Preusser is joined by special guest and Cincinnati Reds writer for the Athletic, C. Trent Rosecrans to talk all things baseball but specifically some Reds/Mariners imports making waves in the Pacific Northwest. Kate praises the Mariners for acquiring Suárez & Castillo while lamenting that such foundational, All-Star caliber players found themselves moved at all. Trent gives a brief history of Luis Castillo, newly minted Mariner ace. Trent praises the camaraderie between Winker, Suárez and Castillo and predicts it portends great things for the Mariners. Kate and Trent dive deep on Suárez’s “good vibes only” policy and how it has blossomed into the Mariners collective dance routine. Trent illuminates for Mariners fans just how hard the loss of (literally ALL of) the Red’s All-Stars has been for the Cincinnati faithful and perhaps how hard it has been for those same players as well. The duo discusses Winker and tries to make sense of a perplexing season on all fronts, perhaps finding some optimism for his future in Seattle. Lastly they stand back and take a birds’ eye view of both organizations and the bright future of the prospects acquired by the Reds: Noelvi Marte & Edwin Arroyo.

Read Trent’s article on Jesse Winker and his daughter here on The Athletic.