New Year? More Like New (Off-Topic) Thread. - 01/04/2022

Happy New Year, fellow commentariat!

Unfortunately, we did not get our wish this December, and the lockout is unfortunately still continuing. As was pointed out in the Moose Tracks thread today, it has been quite some time since our last Off-Topic thread, and so I have volunteered as tribute and offer this one up for us all. I have been able to think of a few prompts below, feel free to add any of yours as well, I am only so creative, after all.

Remember the usual rules when commenting below: no religion, no politics, etc. Basically, don't cause Sweezo any headaches. And, as always, in the immortal words of two of the best philosophers of their time, be excellent to each other.

It looks as though I still need a few more words, so while I have the mic, I hope that you have all had a wonderful holiday season and that you and your families are all staying healthy and safe!