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LockedOut Landing Podcast 178: A Chat With Harry Ford

Harry Ford, Seattle Mariners 2021 1st round pick (12th overall)

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

This week we are extremely pleased to bring on special guest star, former Mariners first round (12th overall) draft pick, Mr. Harry Ford. The Mariners have put Harry on the fast track to the big leagues behind the dish as their catcher of the future. Harry recounts the draft day experience, and the surprise of getting drafted by the Mariners. We chat about his hopes for the upcoming season, his affinity for catching and answers a few rounds of the most pressing questions we had for the future star. He gets a crash course in Seattle lore, and gives us his favorite Atlanta hip hop stars. Harry reveals which teammate has the most drip, and gives a peak at his future potential walkup music. We discuss his Braves fandom and his Georgia baseball career, what led him on this path to the majors. We get to know who won the footrace between him and Johnatan Clase. Harry recounts the highs and lows of his rookie season, and talks about improvement with the benefits of breathing right. Lastly, we look ahead to Harry heading out for the 2022 season in Modesto, with Everett on the horizon.