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Mariners Moose Tracks, 1/14/21: Lockout Latest, changes in the Atlantic League, Seiya Suzuki, Sue Bird

And a bunch of minor-league signings, because that’s all we have any more

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Yankees v Mariners X Bird

In case you missed it, MLB and the MLBPA re-opened discussions yesterday after a six-week hiatus and...nothing happened. MLB remains unwilling to discuss the core issues important to players, such as raising the minimum salary, but did offer in its proposal an improvement to the way players in the second and third years of their MLB careers are compensated, as well as incentives for organizations to not manipulate the service time of top prospects. Jeff Passan has the meat-and-potatoes details, and Susan Slusser provides some commentary for the SF Chronicle, but the tl;dr version is the two sides remain far apart, a spring training postponement seems almost inevitable, and the threat of the regular season not beginning on time grows likelier by the day. But hey, both sides seem on board with the universal DH, at least.

Around the League:

In Sue Bird news:

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