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9/5/21: Open Game Thread

would it have been so hard to arrange a Gilbert vs. Gilbert matchup?

Seattle Mariners v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The end of the series already and I haven’t even used up all my good snake puns.

Today the Mariners attempt to slither out of the desert with a series sweep, but in order to do so they’ll have to get past lefty Tyler Gilbert, who you will remember as the unheralded rookie who threw a no-hitter about a month ago in front of his dad. Hopefully the Mariners will be able to muster up a little more offense than that, but one just never knows with this lineup. Fun thing to look forward to: Chris Flexen swinging a bat! Just don’t get hurt, Chris, and keep the team in this one long enough for the Mariners to get to that D-Backs bullpen. Yikes, that is a stack of lefties against Flexen, though. Might be a good day to see some Bullpen Justus for a couple of innings.

Today’s game starts at the regular west coast Sunday start time of 1:10 PT, which is mildly confusing because the night games have all started a little earlier than they do usually. I assume that has something to do with the...heat? Whenever Arizona does something weird I blame it on the heat. Refreshingly regular: you can view the game on ROOT Sports NW or stream it on MLB TV if you’re out of area, or follow along on the radio on 710 ESPN like usual as we enjoy one final football-free Sunday. Despite what the sticky humidity outside here in the NW says (making that infamous Arizona It’s A Dry Heat look pretty good, honestly), fall is here, like it or not.