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Lookout Landing Podcast 170: The Hunt for Teal October

Alika Jenner

Hello everyone!

We are back under incredible circumstances. John has fixed his microphone, the Mariners are a half game out of the playoffs, Chris Pratt is Mario, Dr. Dre is doing the super bowl halftime show, Eminem dropped a second “Venom” song and I feel like my brain is literally melting under the weight of adulation, hysteria and sheer confusion. Anyways, the Seattle Mariners are half a game back in the wild card after grinding the pitiful Oakland Athletics underneath their heel for what feels like the 47th time this season. With only one series remaining against the rival Angels, the team looks to crank up the fun differential for one last ride that will catapult them into the postseason. Naturally, this is perhaps the most fun podcast of the year, as we’ve all felt the enthusiasm around the team rise to the occasion in dramatic fashion. The team appears to be selling tickets to the final home stand rapidly, and Lookout Landing will be there to represent in epic fashion. After a long, dark playoff drought, no matter what the outcome, this has been an unexpected and wondrous few weeks for fans, and we have much to dig into as the final bend approaches.

Assorted Topics:

· Milli Vanilli

· Are the Oakland As cooked?

· Is Matt Chapman cooked?

· Are front office changes in store for Oakland?

· How dangerous are the Angels and Astros next year and beyond

· Kate & Evan playoff memories

· When did the Mariners become this new entity we all love?

· Who pitches for the Mariners in a one game playoff?

· Jarred’s thick thighs & Cal Raleigh dumper appreciation

· Team MVP JP Clutchford

· Sean Doolittle: good?

· Remember Daniel Zamora?