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9/30/21: Open Bird Watching Thread


MLB: Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles
(unintelligible screaming about old bay and blue crabs)
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Hello! Welcome to Lookout Landing, which today is a Baltimore Orioles blog. Take a seat, there’s complimentary copies of The Wire and a icebox full of Natty Bo, help yourself. The crab feast will commence shortly. Trapped Under Ice takes the stage at 4 PM, get wrecked, Boston fans.

So as most of you are aware, a Orioles win today moves the Seattle ever-loving Mariners into a tie for a Wild Card spot with three games to play. A lot is riding on these boys from Baltimore. Good news! We’ve got an Aussie on the inside!


Game time: 4:05 PM PT
TV/Radio: MLB.TV

This is an open scoreboard watching thread, of course, so feel free to discuss the Yankees/Blue Jays game, the Rays/Astros, and so on!

Say it with me!

Birdland the classics never go out of style

Attn: Red Sox