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They Might Be Mariners Episode 30: A Deep Dive Into Jarred’s Struggles

Plus a catchup on the risers of the 2021 season.

Two Podcasts in Two Days? Incredible.

But in all seriousness, John, Kate and prospect maverick Joe Doyle collide in this episode to break down the current state of the Seattle Mariners most heralded young prodigy, and what potentially ails him. Joe breaks down his controversial piece that has taken lookout landing and the greater internet Mariners community by storm. Is Jarred’s stance fixable? Is he broken? Why so serious? The only way to find out is to let us break it down.

The Mariners minor league affiliates have generally had another incredible year in terms of development, and there are many improvements to discuss across the farm.

Other assorted musings:

  • The Young Arms Cometh
  • JULIO!
  • Kirby and Hancock continue to gently build innings, but where will they end up?
  • Matt Brash; hottest prospect in the system
  • Alberto Rodriguez continues to impress at the plate and in the field
  • Noelvi Marte’s improving defense
  • Every Mariners minor league affiliate has a winning record, but what does this really mean?
  • Players to watch going forward!
  • Cade Marlowe
  • Luis Curvello
  • Milkar Perez
  • The good, the bad and the mostly just pretty good of the early returns from the 2021 draft class
  • So, so much more!