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Lookout Landing Podcast 169: One Last Ride With The Kings Of Summer

Yusei Kikuchi’s last start of the season?
Joe Nicholson

Hello everyone!

In direct response to our skepticism the last couple weeks, the Seattle Mariners have gone on something of a tear. Taking the series in Kansas City and now sweeping the recently feeble Oakland Athletics, the Mariners find themselves a mere 2 games out in the wild card hunt. Yet questions abound, and we are here to answer all the pressing issues facing the team.


· Will the Mariners make the playoffs?

· How do the next 9 games need to go for the Mariners to make the playoffs?

· What has happened to the Padres?

· The Kids Are Alright?

· What to do with Yusei Kikuchi?

· Do the Mariners have any other viable starters?

· Is it time for Julio or Matt Brash to join the big league team?

· How fun has the season been?

· Is this the end for the Mariners and Kyle Seager?

· Shannon Drayer drops a live bombshell that demands our attention

John’s audio is a little cut-y for the first 13 minutes or so, but we make an adjustment that alleviates it for the most part from there on out.