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9/20/21: Open Game Thread

In which the Mariners commence a final, desperate two-week push for the playoffs

Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Mariners have had themselves a hell of a season. Their playoffs odds look slim, with Fangraphs giving them just a 0.7% chance and Fivethirtyeight giving them an equivalent 1% chance. That they were in the conversation as late as September, however, speaks volumes to the overperformance of the club in relation to their preseason expectations.

Assuming they’re unable to claw their way back and give themselves a shot at a miracle, these next two weeks will be about two things: development, and showing the front office that the team is just a few (admittedly large) pieces away from contention. While it’s entirely possible the front office has more-or-less made up their minds as to the offseason plan, the narrative of a red-hot Mariner lineup finishing 10-15 games over .500 might just be a little more alluring than that of a Mariners team that limps to 85 wins.

The Mariners find themselves facing their quintessential weekday opponents: the Oakland A’s. The Mariners are nothing if not a team that faces the Oakland A’s on Mondays and Tuesdays, seemingly over, and over, and over.

Tonight, it’s Sean Manaea, who has historically had the Mariners’ number. Manaea sports a 3.25 ERA over his career against the Mariners, best among all current A’s starters.

The other main storyline of tonight is Jarred Kelenic, who has been excellent over the past month. Kelenic will look to close out his rookie season with a bang, potentially setting the stage for a breakout Sophomore year.

Game time: 6:40 PM PT

TV: Root Sports NW

Radio: 710 AM ESPN Seattle