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They Might Be Mariners Episode 31: Low Minors Roundup

Noelvi Marte


This week Kate, Jon and Joe are back with another riveting look at future potential Mariners, After a strong year across the organization in terms of prospect performance, the crew digs into the lowest levels, the youngest of the young prospects. Starting with a look at the kids in the Dominical Summer League, followed up with the newest draftees tearing up the Arizona League. Lastly, they dig into the Modest Nuts; a roster housing some of the high upside young prospects in the entire organization. All in all, everyone agrees that 2021 has been a massive developmental success for the Mariners, as there are no standout flops, but there are many player highlights across the board. It’s very encouraging to hear that the team continues to thrive below the big name prospects (Jarred, Julio) and the future seems to be in good hands. But if you want all the juicy, granular details, you’ll just have to listen.

DSL Roundup

AZL Mariners

  • Harry Ford
  • Danny Chang
  • Edwin Arroyo
  • Blake Townsend
  • Joe’s Sleepers

Modesto Nuts

  • Noelvi Marte
  • Alberto Rodriguez
  • Sam Carlson
  • Conner Philips
  • Joe’s Sleepers