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Lookout Landing Podcast 168: All Stars In The Seattle Sky

Big 2001 Energy


What a dreadful pun for this episode title. This week we check in on the seemingly but not mathematically “out of it” Seattle Mariners with only 16 games remaining. We lament the players the mariners could have, maybe should have signed to be the separators when the team needed it most. We discuss how much fun this team was this season, all the way up until the end, and compare the watching experience to some of the other recent Mariner teams. We look at Ty France who has struggled a bit since getting pegged by Kendall Graveman earlier this month. There is a listener question about Evan White, and we all agree he very much still has a role with the team moving forward, through probably starting 2022 in Tacoma. We dig into the bigger news of the week: the 2023 all star game will be held at T Mobile Park! We each pick something about the event we are excited for and express our enthusiasm for the event and the week long extravaganza it seems destined to be. We talk new uniforms and a general team makeover and the chances the team might see some new asset designs in the near future, particularly with newcomer Katie Griggs at the helm of those decisions.

Assorted Musings:

· Jersey/Uniform talk

· Ownership discussion

· Future Mariners All Stars for the 2023 summer classic

· Things to look for in the final 16 games

· Promote Julio to AAA?

I also managed to call Kevin Martinez “Kevin Mathers” on both this and INSIS on two consecutive days, but I’m chalking it up to PTSD and Mariners/Mathers induced trauma.