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Lookout Landing Podcast 167: One Game Back in the Wild Card Hunt!

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Hello Everyone!

We are back with another hot, spicy episode of the lookout landing podcast. This week is particularly exciting for several reasons. First off, the Mariners are done playing the Houston Astros until next season (unless we meet our dreaded rivals in the American League Championship Series of course). Secondly, because after defeating the pitiful, husk of a baseball team that is the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Mariners sit with an identical 77-64 record to the Oakland As, and are a single game out of the second wild card spot. Obviously the competition both within the division from the As and from the rest of the league remains stiff, with critical series against the Red Sox on the horizon. But the biggest topic for todays episode ponders the question you, the fans, have been clamoring about for some time: IS IT JULIO TIME? Kate brings her wealth of Julio specific expertise to the discussion, as we approach all angles, pros and cons of promoting the best prospect in the organization to the big leagues for a playoff chase. We also dig a bit into some of the existing and upcoming holes in the roster, and some interesting names of potential future Mariners to fill said holes. We talk briefly about the short stop and starting pitcher markets, but ultimately lament the high risk nature of such endeavors as it pertains to the Mariners.