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9/10/21: Open Game/Scoreboard Watching Thread

a new series and exciting matchups all around

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Seattle Mariners
when you’re watching the scoreboard
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

They say all the time that no matter who you’re facing, pulling off a sweep in Major League Baseball is tough. Rationally, this is very true. Bad teams have good players, good teams have bad players, and over a full series, there’s usually enough randomness that the worst team in baseball stands a chance against the best on any given day.

But this is no time to be rational! Anything other than a sweep for the Mariners here would feel like a big bummer, especially considering that they faced the Diamondbacks - and the exact same starting pitching order - just last weekend.

Mariners PR

Aside from Luis Torrens at DH and Henry Ramos in left field, these lineups look pretty similar to what we saw last weekend. Marco Gonzales should get off to a better start than he did in Phoenix - although let’s be real, that first inning couldn’t have gone much worse. With MadBum going for the D’Backs, Dylan Moore and Tom Murphy are both in the lineup, although I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Jake Bauers or José Marmolejos come in to pinch-hit should the situation arise.

Game Time: 7:10pm PDT

TV: ROOT Sports NW,

Radio: 710 ESPN Seattle, MLB At Bat

You might be a little surprised to see the thread going up this early, given that the game doesn’t start for another couple hours. After seeing the positive feedback from Wednesday night’s scoreboard watching thread, though, I’ve made the executive decision to roll that and tonight’s GT into one. A couple games directly relevant to the Mariners’ playoff hopes are already underway: the Orioles (!) are up 3-0 headed to the top of the fourth against Robbie Ray (!!!) and the Blue Jays, the Yankees are holding onto a 2-1 lead in the top of the third against the crosstown Mets, the Red Sox and White Sox are just getting underway, as are the Angels and Astros (okay, that one is a bit of stretch). The Rangers and A’s don’t get started until 6:40, but there’s plenty of baseball to enjoy before tuning into the M’s tonight.