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8/8/21: Open Game Thread

The Mariners look to avoid getting swept on out of Yankee Stadium

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

After a disappointing three games of woulda-coulda-shoulda losses, the Mariners will look to avoid getting swept out of Yankee Stadium. To do so, they’ll have to get past impressive Yankee rookie Luis Gil, one of two (2) legitimate starters the Yankees are running out this series, and they’ll have to do so without JP Crawford in the starting lineup, as he’s still feeling a little ill. Servais says he’s feeling better, though, and might be available later in the game.

The Yankees lineup is down yet another player, you’ll notice. Anthony Rizzo has tested positive for COVID and is on the IL, so he’s out of the lineup today. If the largely-unvaccinated Mariners somehow avoid a COVID outbreak of their own, today will feel like a win regardless of the final score.

Today’s game starts at 10:10 AM PT and is available in all the old familiar places (710 ESPN on the radio, ROOT Sports on TV, MLB TV if you’re out of area), if you feel like subjecting yourself to a fourth game of this series. Personally, games against the Yankees and at Yankee Stadium in particular make me sports-angry in the bad way, so if I had the option, I’d be noping out of this particular game for sure and catching up on the recap later.