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Sporcle Friday: Clutchest Mariners

Some unexpected appearances

Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

If you haven’t heard, most of the success of the 2021 Mariners has been predicated on their clutch-ness. The team has been rising to the occasion in high-leverage situations, and it’s paid off in their record.

It got me thinking - which Mariners have been clutch? The most clutch? This quiz asks that question, and the answers might surprise — or nauseate — you.

These are the 20 most clutch Mariners of all time. I have measured this based on who has had the best batting average (imperfect, I know) in “late and close situations”, which means the seventh inning or later when it’s either a one-run game or a team has the tying run on deck. A minimum of 50 plate appearances is required.