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8/5/21: Open Game Thread - Mariners at Yankees

ayyyyy, watch it, mack!!! i’m game-threadin’ ova ‘ere!!!!

New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners
i don’t know why i’m here either, blue, but fuck you for asking! - brett gardner, probably
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Ah, New York City. Where bagels fall from the sky like rain and $3 slices of pizza better than anything you can find on the West Coast are plentiful on every corner. Well, that’s what someone from NYC would say. Your mileage may vary. As Desus and Mero say, “the brand is strong.”

The Mariners belly up to the bougie pizza bar/monument to the team’s own butthole that is Nü Yankee Stadium for the first game of a four-gamer that will surely drive Mariners pitchers mad as long fly-outs scrap over the walls for home runs and Aaron Judge and/or Giancarlo Stanton might hit one to Hackensack.

Anyways, rumbling in the Bronx tonight is new Mariner Tyler Anderson versus erstwhile Mariner Nestor Cortes. Lineups!

COVID update:

Game time: 4:05 PM PDT
TV: ROOT Sports NW
Radio: 710 ESPN