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8/29/21: Open Game Thread

Mariners try to avoid shameful sweep by the Royals

Kansas City Royals v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Truthfully, this series can’t end soon enough. Here’s how they line up for the final game of the series, as the Mariners try to avoid getting swept:

Game time is at 1:10 PT, and can be found in all the usual places (ROOT Sports NW, 710 ESPN, MLB dots com and tv). But if you’d rather go outside or watch like, a Schitt’s Creek marathon, I can’t blame you and also we will have the recap for you postgame summarizing the game, because we at Lookout Landing care about you and your happiness. (David Rose: “Worst case scenario, I watch improv the Mariners.”)

Injury updates:

Not surprising, but boo.

Here’s better news: