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8/24/21: Open Game Thread

another day, another meaningful august baseball game

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I got lucky in that two of the only games I’ve missed this season were the blowouts in Houston, so the momentum never ground to a halt for me quite like it did for some of you all, before picking back up in the past two games.

Like yesterday, a profound sense of “must win” hangs over today’s rare Tuesday day game, deserved or not.

For such a game, it helps to be facing Cole Irvin, of “a team like that” fame, whose number the Mariners have had on speed dial all year long.

Let’s see how they’ll try and shell him this time.

The top of the order stalwarts remain the same, with the bottom of the order platoon bats in lefty mode.

Chris Flexen is taking his turn today, surely hoping to avoid having another quality start blown and then salvaged, as went down in his last outing (Aug. 19 @ Texas).

Bullpen, make it so.