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Diegohno! Castillo placed on 10-day IL, Robert Dugger called up

That peskily vague “shoulder inflammation” strikes again

Toronto Blue Jays v Seattle Mariners
Look to the stars, Diego
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Good morning! Is your Saturday off to a good start? I sure hope it is. Personally, mine has been sorely lacking in coffee and capable relievers.

After a miserable Trashstros trouncing, the Mariners announced that they were placing Diego Castillo on the 10-day IL with right shoulder inflammation, and subsequently recalling Robert Dugger from Tacoma.

The move is retroactive to yesterday, Aug. 20, but Castillo hasn’t looked 100% in…a while. Most worrisomely, he seemed to have lost the feel for his slider somewhere near the singular socks and society’s collective sanity. It wouldn’t surprise me if 10 days turned into more.

Approximately 73 years ago in April through June, we saw Robert Dugger intermittently in low-leverage mop-up appearances where he was definitely a man on the pitcher’s mound. I wrote about Dugger for our 40 in 40 series this offseason, but retained no knowledge of him and the piece itself does nothing to rectify that. This isn’t the move you want to see from a team playing a nauseating will-they-won’t-they game with the playoffs. It’s certainly not make-or-break, but with this team’s raucously chaotic style of play, every little bit counts.

And hey, you. Go drink some water. I mean it.