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8/20/21: Open Game Thread

I hate Houston with all my hearttttttt

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Happy Friday, M’s fans! As your reward for making it through the get three games against the AL West-best Astros. Ugh.

I’m not sure how I feel about Jake Fraley hitting 6th, but I know that I like the M’s being 10 games above .500 and the fact that we have real hitters all the way through the lineup. On Houston’s side, I remain unsure that “Chas McCormick” is a real person and not a Vineyard Vines prank that went way too far.

If you’re looking for something to read before first pitch today, I encourage you to check out John’s piece about the Mariners’ remaining schedule. Is it encouraging or depressing that the Mariners face a bunch of really good teams the rest of the way? Yes! Honestly, I’m OK with us playing the A’s and Red Sox a combined 12 times, I just have no desire to play the Astros ever again. At least, not until they’re paying $40 million a year for the eventually broken-down husk of Yordan Álvarez...which is to say, a decade from now.

Our other news is on the roster move side:

Congrats on the sex, Casey. And welcome back, Yohan — hopefully you can combine your better control you demonstrated earlier this year (3.6 BB/9, down from 8.7!! in 2020) with your contact quality from last season.

Game Time: 5:10pm PT

TV: ROOT Sports/

Radio: 710 ESPN and the Mariners Radio Network