OFF TOPIC [8/19 - 9/2]: A Rant, Followed By Questions.

Hey all.

You know how when you're playing MLB The Show, and you just know the pitch is probably going to be a slider low and away, and you tell your brain, "Hey brain, it's me again. Don't swing at this next pitch. I know you want to, but don't do it. Trust me boo, it's not good for us. We can make it through these trying times in this mixed up world, but we gotta do it together, you and me, ride or die, k?" and your brain responds with [elevator music intensifies]? It's the absolute worst. Right? Terrible. I hate it.

Sometimes, however, the ole noggin and I will be on the same page and agree when to hit the joystick and button simultaneously to make noises happen. Not to brag, but I've got a home run in the big leagues already. In a video game, anyway. It went over the fence. The ball, not the game. Long story short, if you need tips on putting numbers in your account name or photoshopping Dustin Ackley's beard onto various family pets, hit up my discord and subscribe to my RRS feed.

Yeah. No, that's what I meant. What? RSS? No. RRS feed.

It's a bird feeder in the shape of Ryan Rowland-Smith. It's glorious. Patent pending.

If you can't empathize with this level of hyperactive button pressing pain, then whatever. I guess just answer some questions instead. Or just rec the post and move on. Change or don't. It's up to you.

You do have to follow some ridiculous, archaic (simple, established) rules and guidelines though, lest you be accosted (messaged) by anonymous (named) strangers (mods) who dare to (kindly) throw their internet bravado around (ask you to not be a dolt). You've been warned.


Unless it's stupid fun baseball stuff unrelated to our stupid(?) fun(!) team( :( ).


Unless... no unless. That's it. Job done.

So, off you pop. Cheerio.~