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8/15/21: Open Game Thread

Assured of a winning series, the Mariners try for the sweep against the Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays v Seattle Mariners
Y! does the rest go again?
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

It’s been a good weekend for pitchers with the last name Gilbert. Yesterday, a rookie named Tyler Gilbert, of the Diamondbacks, threw a no-hitter against the playoff-bound Padres. Today fellow rookie Logan Gilbert will attempt to hold up his end of the surname against the potentially playoff-bound Blue Jays. Oh, also it’s the anniversary of Felix’s perfect game, and Triston McKenzie of Cleveland (who you will remember for not being able to throw a strike against the Mariners) is working on a perfecto of his own. Baseball!

As expected, George Springer is out of today’s lineup for Toronto; Randal Grichuk will man center. The Blue Jays are going with an Oops! All Righties lineup against Logan Gilbert, maybe because they forgot that despite his big left-handed energy, Gilbert is also a righty? The Mariners are countering lefty Steven Matz, who I still hold out hope will one day be a Mariner, with their righty-heaviest lineup, which means three lefties and two switch-hitters. Didn’t Jack Z leave any right-handed power hitters stashed in a closet somewhere around T-Mobile née Safeco Field?

Today’s game returns to its rightful home on 710 ESPN after being shuttled aside last night for the Seahawks game, and can also be seen on ROOT Sports NW, or if you’re out enjoying the day, follow along on MLB dot com or check back here for all the action.