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Mariners Moose Tracks, 8/15/21: George Kirby, Tyler Gilbert, Curt Flood

Some easy like Sunday mornin links

MLB: San Diego Padres at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for the missed links post yesterday, which thoroughly slipped my mind. This is the time of year that messes with me the most, time-wise; when my Instagram feed fills up with Fall Mani Inspo! posts and targeted ads for Hocus Pocus-inspired clothing (which I buy, because the algorithms know me better than I know myself), and yet it’s still summer-hot out, the air heavy and still, oppressive with wildfire smoke. It’s fall, but it’s still summer; the radio alternates ads for air conditioning services and back-to-school specials. Luckily, Links Maven Becca is back from her summer adventures and we’ll get this all sorted out. In the meantime, here are some links!

In Mariners news:

  • Among the many things I have been slacking on lately are the State of the Farm/Midshipman’s Log posts. That changes starting this week when we’ll have mid-season catch-ups for each of the affiliates. The team we’ll be starting things off with (and also podcasting about sometime this upcoming week): the Arkansas Travelers, who have become maybe the most intriguing affiliate with the recent promotions, including George Kirby, who made his Double-A debut yesterday, going four innings (57 pitches) and allowing just one runner to reach base (on a HBP) while striking out four. The video quality at Arkansas is poo poo, so I did snag a couple videos, but we’re very grateful to Michael here for a different angle and some refreshingly bright colors.
  • Here’s your #ChaosBall Fun Fact of the Day:

Around the League:

  • Extremely Cool Moment Alert: Diamondbacks rookie Tyler Gilbert, making his first start (although not first MLB appearance) tossed a no-hitter! And even better he did it in front of his dad, obviously welling with pride in the stands. You can read a real-time recap of the game written by our pals over at AZ Snakepit (with plenty of Star Wars quotes, as it was also Star Wars night for them), but also check out this video (I know, video off the TV, but this one has the dad featured prominently):

Last year at this time Gilbert was at home throwing bullpens and working with his dad as an electrician to make ends meet after the cancellation of the minor-league season. Tonight his dad was in attendance to watch him throw a no-hitter. Baseball! It’s kind of the best. More adorable family footage here, in Gilbert’s interview with MLB Tonight, here.

And while we’re doing fun facts:

Anytime you join a record held by one of baseball’s St. Louis Browns, that’s quite an accomplishment.

  • Remember a couple links posts ago when I said Alex Bregman was coming back but just in time for Yuli Gurriel to go on the IL? Well, this time it’s Gurriel coming back but OF Kyle Tucker headed to the IL for “health and safety protocols.” It seems okay for the Astros, though, as Tucker’s replacement, Jake Meyers, hit a grand slam against the Angels last night.
  • The Twins, continuing their nightmare season, have put RHP Michael Pineda on the IL with a strained oblique.
  • New developments in the Trevor Bauer assault case: according to recently un-sealed court documents, a different woman sought a restraining order against Bauer last year in Ohio, while Bauer was with Cincinnati, alleging the same abusive behavior that Bauer is currently under investigation for in California. Bauer responded to the Post article on his personal Twitter account. Bauer’s administrative leave has been extended yet again by MLB—this is five times now—through August 20th.
  • It seems weird Curt Flood isn’t in the Hall of Fame, right? Regardless of whatever his on-field accomplishments were (and a trunkful of Gold Gloves is quite an accomplishment!), his impact on the sport is undeniable. Seems deserving of a plaque to me! Anyway here’s once-dreamt-upon-possibly-a-Mariner Whit Merrifield advocating for Flood’s case:

Kate’s pick:

Look, I am Methuselah-old out here on these internet streets, so maybe I’m biased (my Nickelodeon was Clarissa Explains It All, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and the sadly forgotten-to-time Roundhouse), but I am shocked this wasn’t a runaway victory for SpongeBob, who is a wide-eyed delight and philosopher of our times, vs. Tommy Pickles, who is a weird baby with early-onset male pattern baldness. Recount!