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8/11/21: Open Game Thread

these guys again?

MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners
i hate to do you like this dmo
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure many would consider the pessimism I’ve shown in the dek and image choice premature, but let’s keep it real: morale is low.

Yesterday’s eminently winnable loss was not exactly what the team or its fans needed. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that anything less than winning the next two games against Texas can (and maybe should) be viewed as the final blows to a season already barely treading water.

So, Mariners, don’t allow that to happen, please. We’re all looking to get our hearts broken a little later every year.

With that, the lineups:

Mr. Anderson, whose novelty delivery I adore, will be on the mound against former Bellingham Bell Spencer Howard. Howard, if you recall, was among the returns for Kyle Gibson and Ian Kennedy in the Rangers-Phillies swap last month. His last outing was a bit of a mess in his second time through the order, so that’s something to keep an eye out for tonight.

Tonight’s lineup features Jake Bauers at DH (hitting ninth, like any good DH) over a struggling Torrens. Oddly enough, the Rangers are also hitting their DH ninth, making this the fifth ever MLB game in which both teams have used the DH rule and batted both in the nine-hole.

In the Regular Season, since 1901, Batting #9, Games where DH was in effect, Played at DH, sorted by most instances. Instances = 2.

Of course the Mariners would do this on the day they unveiled the Edgar statue. Of course they would.

Let’s win for Edgar, despite both lineups today putting the DH rule to shame.