Off topic - Question that has to do with MLB The Show 21 - Followed by Rant.

Hey all, I'm just curious how many MLB the Show gamers we have up in here. I read someone's post from a few weeks ago about RTTS, Road to the Show for anyone thats curious. Its you're basic sports game mode that allows you to create your own player from the ground up, if that makes sense. I've never enjoyed those types of modes in other games such as Madden, however I'm really into RTTS in the Show.. I've already went through the RTTS process as a CF starting at Arkansas, unfortunately Kyle Lewis was blocking me so I got traded to the Marlins in year one, and I ended up finisihing a full two years with that particular offensive player loadout and I pretty much have maxed out all of my base ratings like speed, fielding, contact, plate vision, etc., and also I've unlocked all the best "Diamond" player loadouts for offensive players. If anyone needs some tips I can give you some easy pointers to help you quickly get better and blast through the process of building up your players overall ratings and what not to the point that you'll have a 90+ rated player at whatever position you end up choosing to play as well as the particular type of player that you originally started out as, such as a speedster, or slugger, etc. Now I'm about 80% of the way through the process of creating a pitcher and I'm almost at a diamond level as a pitcher already and I'm not even past my first year in the minors. I've thrown 2 no hitters so far this year, about half way through. and my strikeout numbers are just absolutely ridiculous. I think last time i looked I'm averaging 16 K's a game, and I've had 3 games in which I've gotten over 20 strikeouts in a game. Creating a good player is pretty easy and fun if you know what you're doing however one thing that does bother me is that it seems that you will not get a shot at the big club until at the earliest the end of year one, and thats only if you're completely lucky. My pitcher is essentially DeGrom and completely overmatches everyone he faces, yet The Ms are just set in stone I guess when it comes to their rotation. Oh well. Anyways if you want tips, just message me, I'm sure they don't want us posting about this stuff on here with the strict rules that have been implemented over the years. Hopefully this post does't break any rules, but if it does, then oh well, hopefully my targeted readers get the chance to see this so they can message me personally if they want any help or tips.

I've been a long time reader here, well over 10 years, I can even remember the Jose Vidro convo's. And I have to say that this is easily this boars low point. No offense, even though it will offend, but this board just isn't fun anymore. The posts are always exactly the same, and they're fairly uninteresting in my opinion almost all of the time. I posted some stuff a little while back and got messaged anonymously, which is weak btw, and I apparently wasn't following the rules and I got my butt slapped for it lol Nobody likes to be scrutinized for essentially no real reason, especially when its something as mundane as grammar in a post, or the use of lol or wtf. If you honestly are getting pissed off to the point where you feel the need to send someone a shame message, which btw is always anonymous which is really just weak lol At least put your name on the message so we know who to message back in case we disagree with you. However this board has just kinda gone off the rails with its ridiculous rules and guidelines lol No need to message me anonymously again btw because I'm not gonna post on here again. In fact I never even look at this site anymore because of the sour taste its left in my mouth. So I'm essentially saying, in case you didn't read it right, I won't be back lol But before I leave I needed to let you know that nobody likes an internet hall monitor, especially when you hide behind your computer screen and never allow for any debate when you send off a rude and vile message to someone for breaking your rules. I hope you guys change back to the way you were before, otherwise honestly I see this board going by by eventually. Someone will eventually create a new space for fans to talk and banter with one another, or you'll just end up having this site shut down because of you're ridiculous guidelines and rules that just don't go hand in hand with the spirit that these message boards bring to the fans. This is supposes to be our outlet, instead its just post after post of boring and just plain uninteresting topics. Loosen that hole of yours up and let people enjoy their time on this board. So, thats all from me folks lol enjoy this year as an M's fan and I hope to find a more comfortable place for M's fans to go and chit chat like all the other message boards on SB Nation lol Goodbye Lookout Landing, I'm sure you'll get butthurt and offended, but i hope that you actually do listen to what I'm saying because I'm not the only one that feels this way, I'd guess the majority of people can't stand the bs that goes on here nowadays. Change for the better, or don't and continue to drive fans away and end up killing this board. Its up to you.