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8/1/21: Open Game Thread

In which the Mariners try not to lose a series to a terrible team

Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Boy, last night sucked. The game itself wasn’t actually too bad, but the Mariners lost in such a cosmically perfect way. That Diego Castillo blew a save (in a spot where Kendall Graveman could well have pitched) likely served only to fan the flames of a clubhouse burning with rage. Results-based analysis has made the Mariners’ deadline look terrible.

The Mariners will get back at it today, and hopefully they’ll have the opportunity to score some runs. Today’s battle is one of two pitchers that have struggled this year, as Mike Foltynewicz and Marco Gonzales have put up respective ERA’s of 6.11 and 5.48.

Personally, I am higher than ever on the trade. Abraham Toro is one more guy in the lineup that can hit with any consistency. This game does feel like a bit of a must-win for the Mariners, however. Losing today’s game, and the series with it, to a terrible Rangers team recently stripped for parts would feel like an indictment of the Mariners’ plan, soon as it may be to make a true assessment.

So, godspeed Jake Bauers.

Game time: 11:35 AM PST

TV: Root Sports NW

Radio: 710 AM ESPN Seattle