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Lookout Landing Podcast 163: The Prodigal Son Returns

Hector Santiago just wants to pitch
Sports Illustrated MLB

Welcome back!

This week we look at red hot Mariners as the stone cold Yankees come to town. In order to further our analysis we feature the return of the prodigal son, current shadow manager of the New York sports teams, Mr. Matthew Robertson. He dishes on the morbid state of the 4th place Yankees team, his close relationship with Aaron Boone, the ghost of Brett Gardner still haunting New York, and their new “hit by pitch” secret weapon Tim Locastro. We also look at some potential Mariners trade and free agent targets as we move closer to the second half, and generally reflect on what has been an excellent run of baseball for the team over the past month.

In the future we aim to be releasing this very podcast on Wednesdays, so be looking out for it!