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Mariners resume Ranger Killers role, careen back onto tracks with 9-5 victory

Incompetency, decimating Rangers by the SEA

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers
Wonder Bread Trio, u-white!
Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

[Jarred Kelenic’s hyped, determined internal monologue]

Jarred’s coming out of his cage and he’s been doing just fine

Gotta gotta be up (outta Tacoma) because he wants it all

He started out hitless; [how did I end up like this?

It was only a hit; I’d had plenty of hits]

Now he’s not falling for curves, and Allard’s throwing two balls

Then he’s hurlin a cutter and Jarred’s sick of waiting for calls

Now his bat’s cocking back and his front foot lift-plants

And it’s over the plate, but Jarred’s crushing this

Pitch now, ball’s flyin’ through the

Zone now, let the bat (and tongue) goooooo


After skittering steadily downhill following Monday night’s comeback high, this game felt like the full-body relief of finding your keys after losing them on said slope. Sure, it’s the Rangers - or whatever gristly bits are left of them after their trade deadline inferno - but if you want a chance to beat real teams in the postseason, you’ve got to take advantage of this type of team in the regular season.

Everyone was firing on all cylinders, from Logan Gilbert who bounced back from last week’s frustration with 5.2 innings and six strikeouts, to Kelenic making hard contact off a lefty on a two-hit night. We’d also be remiss to not appreciate Abraham Toro, who has amassed five hits in 10 at-bats since joining Seattle.

The bullpen, down two solid arms, gave up just one run and new friend Diego Castillo made his Mariners debut with a scoreless ninth inning.

The M’s are now 8-3 vs the Rangers this season, with eight more games left to play against the cellar-dwellers of the division. Eight more games that are theirs for the taking.