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The Lookout Landing Podcast 165: Red Deadline Redemption?

The Mariners roared into the deadline fronting a big game and came out with mostly a swap of relief pitchers, and a good infield prospect, but not the marquee name fans had hoped for. We dive into the return for Kendall Graveman and discuss our evolving feeling about what was a very contentious trade for the team. We reflect on the Mariners clutchness. so far and ponder whether or not it can survive such a drastic cultural shift. However, we also examine Graveman’s role on the team, and conclude, as we did several weeks earlier, that he was always expendable given where he stood on the roster. We also briefly touch on the Mariners trade with Tampa Bay for Diego Castillo, whom we all like a great deal. We also wonder what on earth the Astros see in Montero, and are concerned the Rays will turn Austin Shenton into a bonafide star (if he can find a position). We touch on new Mariners president of business operations Kate Griggs and express excitement at her role within the organization. We conclude with a look at the wider trade environment in baseball, and why perhaps the Mariner chose to make the moves that they did, given the prices on the trade market.

Apologies for the sound on this one, John’s audio is a bit skippy here and there, and I smoothed it over as best I could, but its not perfect.