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7/27/21: Open Game Thread

yeah there’s also a game tonight lol

Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Tonight, Kendall Graveman is a Houston Astro and Abraham Toro is a Seattle Mariner. Yeah. I’m a little perplexed, as so many others are as well. We covered it here, along with Dipoto’s comments about a looming move or set of moves that will make it make sense. For me, those moves can’t come soon enough.

In the meantime, this team, the one that Divish described as “subdued” on the field following a historic comeback last night, has to face off against the team with which they traded.

Those teams look like this tonight:

Toro isn’t in the lineup today, and Graveman is not likely to pitch for Houston tonight, so revenge may have to wait until tomorrow, though Toro coming in off the bench would not be unthinkable.

It’s a home Flexen game, which usually gives us a strong advantage, but all bets are off tonight. McCullers Jr. is, as always, an annoyance to face.

If I seem brief it’s because I’m refreshing Twitter every 5 seconds, just waiting for something to drop. Knowing my luck it will be right in the middle of the game.

Good luck staying focused this evening! If you can’t, I’ll be here with some kind of summation of the game that approximates a recap.